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reliable and cost-effective alternative solutions of LCD

Industrial equipment widely use LCD as a display device, due to the rapid development of liquid crystal technology, it makes some of the earlier discontinued or unpopular  parts expensive and difficult to procure from the market.

We have been involved in this field since 2000 and have been focusing on providing industrial LCD-related accessories for replacement solutions.

We used the Commonly  model of lcd  after  technical transformation them to be compatible with many  discontinued or unpopular LCDs. Because the production technology of discontinued or unpopular LCDs is backward, the performance and stability of the replacement LCDs are better than the discontinued LCDs.

With many years of experience and sufficient parts, we have provided many low-cost and high-performance solutions for different customers.

We have a long-term relationship with industrial automation, medical, textile, printing machinery, injection moulding machines and integrated circuit manufacturing, industrial cranes and other equipment maintenance company around the world.

We accept all kinds of industrial LCD, inverters, connectors, touch screens, main control boards, PVC panels and other hardware modification and customization services.

Specific technical transformation/customization process:

For example. A customer had more than 100 machines in their factory using special model LCDs. Due to the long usage time, all the LCDs needed to be replaced, but they were hard to find in the market and the quotation was very expensive, so they approached us for help to do  technical transformation to replace the special LCDs used on their machines with common LCD screens.

1,Client sends an email to OEM2FIX@GMAIL.COM, which contains details of the parts to be technically modified/customized.

2. We evaluate the cost and development details and then reply to the customer with the cost per piece, development cycle and other details.

3. After the specific cost and development cycle are agreed upon, we will make samples to the customer for confirmation.

4. After the samples are confirmed, we start to arrange production for the agreed quantity.

5. After the parts are produced and tested, we arrange express delivery to the customer.

We have a technical team with rich technical experience and long-term cooperation with various partner manufacturers.

We can complete the technical modification/customization of accessories in the shortest possible time to shorten your machine maintenance cycle and cost.

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