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1: Sell and Transform Industrial LCD with touch panel.

LCD is widely used as a industrial equipment display device. But with the development of LCD technology, some early products accessories on the market is less and less or even stop. Therefore, what the maintenance costs rise and procurement difficulties is especially obvious. We have entered this field in 2000. We have a wealth of experience and plenty of spare parts. And our partners are around the world, such as China, Taiwan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, the United States and Canada. Our products are widely used in various fields which major include industrial control, medical, textile, letters, printing machinery, injection molding machines, IC manufacturing equipment maintenance unit.
We are the most professional high-tech companies for the industrial LCD transformation. So far, we have developed thousands of models to replace discontinued the unpopular partial LCD. We can provide many low costs and high performance solution to different customers. And all of the commonly used models are available from stock.


Successful examples

Provide a large number of screen
of LM8V302 alternative, the
interface, the mounting holes are
exactly the same

LQ10DH11 LQ10DH15 and LQ10D021 extensive use in industrial equipment, but they have been discontinued, it is difficult to find on the market. And we developed a LCD module to replace them, there is same installation size compare to the original model, and it has the better display than the original

Toyota 600, 610 textile machine LCD KL6440-ASTC/RSTS/SSTT:
There is the exactly same appearance compared to the original models. And we can also solve that the market generic screen size is smaller than the original, the problem of unstable. it has the better display than the original. The costs is only the fifth of the original price.
ZAX-E Tsudakoma jet loom with LCD (EDMGRB7KIF), part number: 627B6
Toshiba injection molding machine with a NEC LCD NL6440AC33-02
Wide lack of the FP511-TC21 touch display for IC manufacturing PSC etching machine with adoption the Sharp Early LCD LQ10D213 of due process defects early, leading to the screen for a long time after the round spots.

Siemens HMI OP30 / B Sharp EL-screen,After
transformation, display and stability are superior
to the original.MODEL:lj640u48/lj64032/lj64zu51/
lj64zu52/lj64zu35/LJ089MB2S01SHARP 4.7 inch mono lcd,320X240,in stock :lm32k10\lm32k101\lm32p10\lm32p101\lm32010p\lm32008

SHARP 4.7 inch mono lcd,320X240,in stock :lm32k10\lm32k101\lm32p10\lm32p101\lm32010p\lm32008




After-sales service
All products were committed within one year(non-human factors

such as: cracked and fell damage, Crushed ...) replacement.

(Note: All products have been sticked Warranty marked word, please do not tear up.)
We can provide free testing that the customers can't confirm the quality issue of LCD screen.

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